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10/31/2011, "Miss Far East 2011" nicely started!

10 girls from Khabarovsk, peer selection for the open casting call city, first among the girls from other cities have begun to fashion-stages. Competition classic hairstyles and make-up's opened the series finale of preparation, leading the prestigious tradition in which "the Far Eastern Theater of Fashion" will be the star of the show-business in Russia. The name of the star organizers publicly announced later - most intrigue the big event. 

In the first stage of the fashion-participants were tested for the ability to present themselves every day, despite the weather, mood and everyday bustle. Masters of the project partner beauty "Violet" appreciated the skill of girls. And, it should be noted, have made it easy, as among the services the salon "kosopletenenie" - "Crown" proposal, and member of "Miss Far East in 2011" as the selection, came with braided streams, plaits. Only one conclusion - participating in the "trend". 

Follow the events! Each stage will be covered on TV channel "Russia-1" ("News 24") - participants will see thousands of people. The graph plots the outputs on the air, look at our official site: 

Details will follow ... 
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