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11/18/2011, Fashion - a stage of "Miss Far East - 2011"

From the beginning, all the contestants look lost. Running from side to side, grab the first available thing, then return them to the place. And the girls can be understood - Clothing «Benetton» bright and dynamic, so you want to try everything at once. But according to the rules of the contest, participants must opt ​​only for one dress. And only one outfit won the main prize: Olga Mikheeva created a true image of «Benetton»: a casual style-glass shades. It includes pants, sweater, boots and hat - hard and bright. Choosing the winner commented Eugene Yunkina, merchandiser «Benetton»: «Olga so accurately picked all the details! And with clothing could convey the mood! She is a real "Miss Benetton». A real model of the participants in the "Miss Far East in 2011" identified Tatiana Cherednikova, director of scouting model agency «AlModel Management» (USA). After the audition, which was attended by the model and "Far Eastern theater of fashion," Anna Karpus, Tanya chose a young and promising contestant "Miss Far East in 2011" Anastasia II Anastasia now becomes a heroine photo session on the creation of which will be run by professionals with a worldwide reputation. A certificate for a beautiful future Tatiana Anastasia handed in the semifinals of "Miss Far East 2011"
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