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11/21/2012, In the Far Eastern capital was semifinal beauty of regional significance "Miss Far East in 2012."

Contestants demonstrated on stage semifinal show three images in dance and theater shows. Out in stylish clothes from Be Free, represented the underwear from Incanto and showed dresses from Le mariage. Make-up and hairstyles to create a master participating beauty studio emphasis. Participants on stage played a sharpened catwalk, are created by the producers of the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus. 

The audience rewarded contestants for the beauty and grace of applause. And partners semifinals - the company Avon, Maki Studio - gifts. Miss People's Choice, according to spectators semifinal bout for the title of a tigress "Miss Far East 2012", was Tatiana Myachina (Birobidzhan). But on this title and gifts did not end. Special nominations received three contestants. Anna Sergeeva was chosen "Miss Be Free», Daria Kostyuchenko became "Miss Incanto», Xenia Ogarkova awarded emphasis on beauty. Special celebration and brightness effects on stage gave the creative teams of the Pacific State University, permanent art partners Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna carp. Studio plastic theater "Mars" on arrival and departure guests semifinals, and two-time champions of the Far East for Breaking "Jazz Kidz" lit on the stage, drawing the audience into the dance.
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