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12/28/2012, Overview of trends and developments fashion-industry capital of the Far East in 2012

Present an overview of the achievements accomplished by the Far Eastern fashion-industry in 2012, with the help of the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus. 

1. Best Model of Asia 
Olga Mikheev Far tetra fashion model Anna Karpus, among the ten best Asian models on the basis of the international competition «Super Model Asia 2012". The organizer of the contest made ​​China Fashion Association (China Association of fashion). The competition was held in the TV format with ether on the master channel in China, so the preliminary stages and the final show aired on million viewers. Participants from 13 countries evaluated the authoritative person fashion-industry Asia: presidents, directors and employees of the international model of the association. Note that the model of the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus only from all over Russia by special invitation of the organizers represented the country at competitions.

2. The emergence of studio-class USA 
In the Far Eastern capital appeared a professional photography studio Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna carp, in which the equipment Einstein 640 allows such footage, which only wanted to Khabarovsk. Now really fix the camera frozen water droplets in the air, developing hair and tiny threads of the finest fabrics. This will give a real boost for the development of the Far East and the photo industry, advertising and modeling.

3. The victory of the whole world and all of Russia 

Each year, piggy beautiful victories residents of the Far East, who attended or continue to be trained in the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna carp, growing. Polina Voronina, a student of the School of models fall of 2012 won an international beauty pageant and talent «World Pacific Starlet» in the most numerous group of teenage participants. Girl awarded the title of «Miss World Pacific Scarlet TEEN». Ability to win - the ability acquired by participating in projects of regional significance, which organizes the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna carp. for very young beauties "Angel of the Year", and for teen models "small model of the Far East." Spring young habarovchanki became the first all-Russian final of the "Little Miss Russia 2012".

4. World's catwalks 
Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus actively developing partnerships with international agencies. Only the 2012 Melashchenko Daria twice worked in the largest eminent agency Elite Model Management, participating in the project presentation Audi A5, the prestigious Hugo Boss fashion show and bright conceptual photo shoots. Grigorieva Julia appeared on the scene in large projects China and Thailand. She is the only one of Russia became the heroine of the scale of the show - on stage at the same time worked over a hundred models. Yevgeny Savchenko And still conquers the podium in France. The beauty of the Far East creates the beauty of the world.

5. Fashion shows for large-scale events 
Fashion clothes at events Far Eastern capital, which at first sight are not designed for fashion-show on the list of trends in the fashion industry Khabarovsk. For example, in an international tournament in modern pankration - Cup of Mayor of Khabarovsk in 2012, has traditionally been decorated display of swimwear shop "Ophelia." Girls from the model agency of the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus demonstrated new collection Gottex, Blugirl Blumarine, Moschino, Lise Charmel, Aubade, and other world famous brands.

6. The biggest model project in Khabarovsk In 2012,
in Khabarovsk was the first and most ambitious project "Day of live showcases." More than 50 models of the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna carp in the windows of boutiques SEC "Joy of Shopping" appeared as a "live" mannequins. March 8 they gave visitors center surprise and delight. Frozen, like plastic, girls and boys showed clothing, jewelry and accessories. "Wow! Yes, they are alive! "- Realized with delight visitors center, looking at the" real "dummies, because posture," cool look "models were like plastic counterparts. The idea of ​​every shop window was carefully planned professional director in accordance with the mood of boutiques.

7. Zolotoy Nozhnitsy 
Before the onset of the summer Schwarzkopf Professional (Moscow) with the support of the Far Eastern theater of a fashion magazine Anna Karpus and fashion «Fashion Collection Khabarovsk-Vladivostok" organized, perhaps, the biggest festival of hairdressing "Golden Scissors". More than 100 boys and girls modeling agency Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus long before the events were casting and started rehearsals. As a result, the model became demonstrators hairstyles and colorful interactive actors final show, directors and actors who were masters of the Russian capital.

8. Miss Far East 
Corporate Project Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus "Miss Far East", which is the regional qualifying round of the national competition "Miss Russia", every year reveals the beauty of young girls of the Far Eastern region. In 2012, to achieve a beautiful mission project joined more than thirty companies Far Eastern capital. All they have created large-scale project, which lasted for three months: a broadcast qualifying rounds for the country's leading channel "Russia 24", the organization of informal meetings and tours with creative lighting with the Internet, conducting a live broadcast in Vkontakte with youth semifinals, holding closed the final coronation for VIP-persons Khabarovsk actor with wide fame. Continuation of the project - the participation winning the All-Russian final of "Miss Russia 2013".

9. Presentation designer collections 
2012 can be called a breakthrough year for young designers. Impressions, photo shoots, art projects increased. Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna carp in this trend, and acted as a model agency, providing girls and guys for shows, and as the creator of the grounds for the presentation. Since the author's project was implemented "Fashion Friday" in which guests of the restaurant "Cupid" became spectators show designer clothing collections. Finally, in "Fashion Fridays" model presented ideas Reydel Alena, Elena Rudermel, Mary Krikunova, designers, creative platform MEL.

10. Brand advertising Far East 
Copywriters and marketers continue to see advertising effectiveness in bringing images of models. Boys and girls of the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpov became "persons" advertising campaigns by Khabarovsk. In 2012, a similar project was brilliant promotional campaign salon "first. Fashionable. "In mock outdoor, print ads Natalia Blinova, Anton Karman specificity pocket clothing boutique. Models are not just presented clothes and told the story of the relationship between the images. Natalia was a bright "face" Interior of the year.

11. Creating unique photo shoots of glossy magazines Fashion-trend glossy magazines 
in 2012 was the creation of themed photo shoots. Professional models of Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus reincarnated in different images according to the idea of art directors. And because the process of learning with models representative of a theater, glossy story was realistic.

12. Events Khabarovsk 
Only for the year 2012 in the professional portfolio of NP "Far Eastern theater of fashion" includes such projects as "Breakfast with the designers," "French patio", "Fashion Friday", "Day of the living windows" and so on. These projects - presentation of taste and style. These projects bring together different communities associated with the cultural sphere of Khabarovsk. These projects create a beautiful mood fashionable residents of the Far East. These projects - focus style.