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03/30/2011, Yulia Grigorieva’s new contract

Yulia Grigorieva, a model of the Far-Eastern Theatre of Fashion 

signed a contract with a leading Chinese modeling agency.


04/19/2011, Mrs. Khabarovsk 2011 Casting

Preparation for Mrs. Khabarovsk 2011 

started with the most important stage—casting of participants!


05/30/2011, "Mrs. Russia - 2011"

Anna Krasnokutskaya - "Mrs. Khabarovsk 2011 

 became "the First Vice-Mrs Russia 2011" 

 in the national contest, "Mrs. Russia 2011".


05/30/2011, "Little Beauty RUSSIA - 2011"

The girls' children's theater mode ", "Schools photo model" 
become parties to the contest 
"Little Beauty RUSSIA - 2011" 
and returned with awards!


06/06/2011, Fashion-partnership

New meeting was held in Khabarovsk city. Stylists company Matona, as always, arrived in Khabarovsk in the search for new faces. Promotional photo shoot took place at the highest professional level. Recall that after the casting face of the international campaign has been selected Sivorotko Anna . Since the model has already been taken for outdoor advertising. Now the model can be seen from Khabarovsk to Matona banners all over the world. Note the co-operation - continued partnership between the history of a modeling agency, "Far Eastern theater of fashion" and the Japanese company.

06/15/2011, Fashion-exam

Elite Model School of the Far Eastern Theatre of Fashion School of models and mannequins, 
"summed up the fashion work in the training of professional models.
school students on the exam showed their achievements with a parade field,
demonstration of clothing, feeding themselves.


06/16/2011, Anne Betz won by Pierre Cardin

Young habarovchanka Anja Betz won the Grand Prix at the International Forum Models, 
Talent and Designers and became 
«Super model Fashion international».


06/23/2011, Bright Graduation Party School of the Khabarovsk FETF

On Tuesday, long-awaited prom Shkolnikov, 2011. During the meeting with the mayor of Khabarovsk, A. Sokolov, "Far Eastern Theatre of Fashion" presented by Anna Karpus alumni gifts: a fashion guide for prospective students - showing the youth clothing «Terranova» and a playful parade of hats. The first and second models, implemented the School's graduates FETF.


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