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02/03/2012, Fashion Collection in February 2012

Do not miss the exit new issue of fashion 


11/28/2011, "A small model of the Far East - 2011"

The regional qualifying round of the National finals «Best child model of Russia» International Competition «Best child model of the World» "A SMALL MODEL OF THE FAR EAST 2011" will be held in Khabarovsk.
Date :December 8, 2011 
Behavior :Night club «Velicano» 19.00
Organizers :Non-profit partnership to promote the preservation and development of world and national cultural values​​, "Far Eastern theater of fashion"


09/11/2012, "Asian Super Model 2012". Participate in international competition models.

The models of "Far Eastern theater of fashion" Anna Karpus
continuously improve their professionalism.
including participating and winning in international beauty contests.In late September
model Catherine Agafonov and Olga Mikheev
will be participating in the competition, "Asian Super Model 2012"
which will be held in China.


03/01/2012, "Breakfast with the designers' - an event in style.

March 25 designers will gather at the capital of the Far East 

the morning meal as part of "Breakfast with the designers," 

which will take place in the new trendy cafes «Trend cafe».


02/28/2012, "Fashion Friday"

Far Eastern Theatre Fashion Karpus Anna 
gave a beautiful and feminine gift - 
"Fashion Friday" - a strong and courageous.


06/01/2012, "French Courtyard"

Models of the Far Eastern theater of fashion 

Anna Karpus attended a secular event in the 

elegant "French Courtyard" to celebrate 

the anniversary of beauty «Studio De Lux».


07/05/2012, "Little Beauty of Russia - 2012"

Pupils of the School Children's Theatre of fashion models

Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus,

become member of All-Russian Contest

"Little Beauty of Russia - 2012"

and returned with the awards!


05/30/2011, "Little Beauty RUSSIA - 2011"

The girls' children's theater mode ", "Schools photo model" 
become parties to the contest 
"Little Beauty RUSSIA - 2011" 
and returned with awards!


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