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10/24/2011, Jubilee store "Ophelia"

In December 2011 the lingerie shop, "Ophelia"

will celebrate his birthday.

Models, "Far Eastern Theater of Fashion"

take part in the anniversary show.


10/25/2011, Presentation of the Procter & Gamble in Khabarovsk

Models modeling agency" FETF MODELS "
Agafonov Agafonov Catherine and Elizabeth
participated in the presentation of a new product
company Procter & Gamble.


10/27/2011, Casting for Modus VivendiS

In a modeling agency, "Far Eastern theater of fashion," Anna Karpus
October 26 was casting for the qualifying modeling agency Modus VivendiS - one of the leading agencies
both the Russian and the Western world of fashion and advertising.


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