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10/03/2012, Far Eastern theater of a fashion model Anna Karpus among the ten best models in the contest Super Model Asia 2012.

In early October it was up competition Super Model Asia 2012, 
which were made by the participants of the Far Eastern theater of a fashion 
model Anna Karpus. 
Note that the only habarovchanki across Russia 
represented our country at this international project. 
And presented with dignity: 
Olga Mikheeva among the ten best models of Asia.


10/01/2012, Contest Super Model Asia 2012

September 29, the final of Super Model Asia 2012. 
This global event in Asia in the modeling world. 
Russia was represented at the competition model of 
"Far Eastern theater of fashion" Anna Karpus - 
Catherine Agafonova and Olga Mikheeva.


09/20/2012, New photo shoot with the magazine Fashion Collection Khabarovsk - Vladivostok

The model of FETF Models

"Far Eastern theater of fashion" Anna carp -

Pronin Joseph and Natalie Grigorieva

took part in the new promotional photo shoots

for magazine Fashion Collection Khabarovsk - Vladivostok.


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