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11/27/2012, Far Eastern theater of fashion models conquer world's catwalks

Model of FETF MODELS   

NP "Far Eastern theater of fashion"      

Savchenko Yevgeny and Grigoryeva Julia      

conquer world's catwalks in Paris and Bangkok.   


11/18/2011, Fashion - a stage of "Miss Far East - 2011"

This shop-a feast for the participants of "Miss Far East in 2011": the contestants are selected from the collections presented by the youth of the characteristic bright shop «Benetton» corresponding to the concept of brand image. The task - to be able to adapt in a few minutes in the "closet" fashion store and combine costume. Not a pattern, and the mood «Benetton».


12/09/2013, Fashion Collection december 2013 - january 2014

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december-january 2013/14
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Fashion Collection Magazine (Khabarovsk).


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