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11/11/2011, The opening of the tire center «VIANOR» Khabarovsk

November 9th Far Eastern theater of fashion model 

Anna Karpus

attended the opening of 

a new tire center «VIANOR»

company "Amurshina-Khabarovsk".


11/14/2011, Winning the "Miss Far East 2011" in the arms, legs and muscles contestants!

Royal beauty contest 
"Far Eastern theater of fashion" 
"Miss Far East in 2011," continued the new competitive stage -


11/17/2011, The bus stage with «VIANOR»

Far Eastern beauties are ready to create a commercial photo session in the partner phase - tire center «Vianor». Advertise that it helps on slippery roads kept firmly, confidently and safely - Bus «Nokian Tires». Perpetrators of advertising - bus and other exhibits submitted in «Vianor», - have become active participants in the photo session.


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