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09/06/2012, Modeling work

The model of "Far Eastern theater of fashion"

Anna Karpus - Maria Bogdanova и Elena Furman

took part in a promotional shoot

new autumn collection salon-shop Park Avenue.


09/03/2012, Fashion Collection in September 2012

Do not miss the launch of the new      

magazine about fashion         

Fashion Collection Khabarovsk - Vladivostok.      


08/07/2012, Fashionable future begins in September with the School of the Far Eastern theater of fashion models!

In early September, School of the Far Eastern theater of fashion models, fashion begins training in the beauty of residents and residents of Khabarovsk (the age of 4 years). 

School for those who want to become a professional model wants to look like a model or just want to learn how to be beautiful. During training, the pupils have the opportunity to participate in beauty contests urban, national and international levels, as well as to become the heroines of the stories and photo shoots to fashion magazine «Fashion Collection Khabarovsk-Vladivostok." 


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