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06/05/2012, Day of Khabarovsk

54 anniversary of the birth of Khabarovsk 
Far Eastern theater of fashion model Anna Karpus 
said participation in the parade along with the company «CD-land».


06/05/2012, Anniversary of "People's Company" and the shopping center "City Tax", "NC-plaza"

Models Agency, and the pupils of the School of the 
Far Eastern theater of fashion models Karpus Anna 
took part in "We hold the course in the summer," 
organized by "the People's Company" and 
shopping centers "NC-city", "NC-Plaza" in honor of their important 
anniversaries: 20 and 10 years, respectively.


06/04/2012, Fashion Collection June 2012

Do not miss the release of the new June 

issue of fashion magazine 


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