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03/30/2011, Yulia Grigorieva’s new contract

Yulia Grigorieva, a model of the Far-Eastern Theatre of Fashion 

signed a contract with a leading Chinese modeling agency.


04/19/2012, Zolotye Nozhnitsy

We collect the festival hairdressing
They can be boys and girls ages 18 to 30 years. 
Requirements: good appearance, the growth of 170cm. 
Active, liberated. participation paid by the organizers. 
 Registration by phone: 410-740, 62-80-30 
 Date of casting - May 11, 2012 
 Date Festival - May 17, 2012 
 Place SZK  


05/17/2012, Zolotye Nozhnitsy in Khabarovsk

Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpov 
became the co-organizer of an international project.


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