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10/03/2012, Far Eastern theater of a fashion model Anna Karpus among the ten best models in the contest Super Model Asia 2012.

In Super Model Asia 2012 involved 13 countries in Asia. Organised by the China Fashion Association, and the contest was held in the format of the television project. Were organized for the participants vibrant competitive tours, which were covered on TV in China: Series in the water with live fish, in nature. And, of course, traditionally high on the organizers took a picture, in national costumes. 

According to Anna Karpus, General Director, "Far Eastern theater of fashion", the final show was organized so that every second was interesting to see what is happening on stage. Credits included in the script for Russian innovative developments show elements. Overall impression of the competition - big, bright and definitely professional. 

Participation of the contestants were evaluated most famous people fashion-industry of Asia. Among them were the presidents, directors and employees of the international model of association, famous designers of Asia.
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