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10/26/2012, Diary of Miss Far East in 2012. part 2

Jewelry tour «Pandora». 

In the third round of the jewelry boutique «Pandora» pretender to the title of "Miss Far East 2012" became a designer. Girls gather bracelets from a variety of pendants, handmade silver and gold, inlaid with precious stones, pearls and enamel decorated Murano glass. Each bracelet reveal one of three characters invented - a romantic lady, the Olympic champion, a fan of rock music. Feel and mood of the characters and the mood of the collections could love Pakhomov (Khabarovsk). She became "Miss Pandora». Video report from the tour will be broadcast at the end of October on the TV channel "Russia 24". 

Meeting at your favorite café «Sandwich Club». 

The "Miss Far East 2012" appeared favorite cafe - «Sandwich Club». That's it for this week, the pretender to the crown came to get to know each other, to meet future development of the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna carp and get valuable tips on winning the title of a beauty queen. With this purpose, the meeting came to a tasty VIPs fashion and beauty industry: Nonna Yahnovskaya, "Miss Far East 2004", top model of the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus, Sergei Balaban, director of the show, the leading TV channel Dal-TV-TNT; Polina Voronina, winner of the international competition of beauty and talent «World Pacific Starlet», a pupil of the School models. In addition to workshops and discussions secrets of successful performances on the stage, the contestants shared their vision of the future victory of recipes. How successful will their recipe will be known only after the semi-final and the final of the youth show closed the coronation of the Queen. Details to come. 

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