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11/26/2012, Coronation "Miss Far East - 2012"

The final battle for the title of a tigress "Miss Far East in 2012" was held in the format of a closed society event. Her guests were top managers of major Far Eastern organizations, representatives of the government and the cultural life of Khabarovsk. All of them became members of the jury. Organizers handed out to each guest forms for voting. The majority opinion determined the winner - Miss Far East in 2012. 

The jury selected the winner of the sixteen participants - representatives of different cities of the Far East Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky, Yakutsk, Vladivostok, Birobidzhan and Ussuriysk. Girls presented themselves in four shows: in gorgeous dresses from bridal salon, luxurious coats, seductive lingerie and charming evening gowns. 

Showed his intelligence in a completely unexpected competition for the scholarship. That participants were innovation partners finals. Miss Far East in 2012 became the youngest habarovchanka Taisa Zagorje. Undisputed grand prize for the winner is the opportunity to participate in the national competition "Miss Russia 2013" - a unique gift from the Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna carp, the only official representative of the All-Russian project in Khabarovsk. Of wealth were given Taisii legendary brand watches. The final crowning completed series of events that began September 30, 2012, when 15 were habarovchanok casting tour and began to fight the competition of regional importance. Up to the final show, the girls took part in the qualifying rounds of television, which aired on the TV channel "Russia 24". 

Participated in the creative online tour of the interior of stylish wallpaper. Played in bright semifinal show. But after the final girls waiting two more events - after-party at a nightclub "Heart" and press lunch with Ararat Keschyanom and media Far East. How did the project Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus "Miss Far East 2012" can be seen on the official page on the social network Vkontakte: or website Press center "Miss Far East 2012"