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01/08/2013, Night of the Living showcases. Exclusively for the Far Eastern theater of fashion

Before the onset of 2013 Far Eastern theater of fashion 
model Anna Karpus (exclusive partner and co-organizer of the project) 
took part in the "Night of the Living Glass" 
from the SEC "Joy of Shopping". 
Girls and boys are living mannequins, 
demonstrating clothes and underwear coolest brands 
in the eyes of the astonished visitors center.


12/28/2012, Overview of trends and developments fashion-industry capital of the Far East in 2012

Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus - 
is the largest non-profit partnership in the Far East, 
whose main objective is the development of fashion-industry players. 
It consists of a model agency with an international reputation, 
the only school in Khabarovsk licensed photo model, production center, 
which organizes large-scale fashion event. 
So projects Far Eastern theater of fashion Anna Karpus, 
winning his pupils in the international and national beauty 
pageants and modeling agency activities in general 
form the fashion-industry players. 
2012 has brought the fashion contributed to its development.


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