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06/23/2011, Bright Graduation Party School of the Khabarovsk FETF

On Tuesday, long-awaited prom Shkolnikov, 2011. During the meeting with the mayor of Khabarovsk, A. Sokolov, "Far Eastern Theatre of Fashion" presented by Anna Karpus alumni gifts: a fashion guide for prospective students - showing the youth clothing «Terranova» and a playful parade of hats. The first and second models, implemented the School's graduates FETF.


11/21/2011, Casting an international agency "Al model Management"

Tatiana Cherednikova, director of scouting 
modeling agency "Al Model Management "
held in Khabarovsk, the casting of models,
" Far Eastern Theater of Fashion "
and member of the royal beauty contest" Miss Far East 2011. "


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